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Astromedicare Special Implants

Orthopaedic Implants Manufacturer

Astro Medicare International is most reputed manufacturer and Exporter of Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments From New Delhi India from 1998. We are doing work in more than 20 countries and more than 600 Orthopaedic Surgeon and 200 Hospital with 75 Distributor in all over India. We Manufacturing in New Delhi India. And Supplying with Reputed Shipping company. We making our products in CNC and BMC High Technology Machine. With well Trend Engineers and Superwiser. We are always Focus in our Products Quality. Our Every products is Checked properly before shipping and always we are providing  door to door delivery. We are making Good Quality product in Stainless still and Titanium Material Our Stainless Steel material is 316L and Titanium material 5grade ELI. I have lot of range in orthopaedic Implants and Instruments with latest and Technology and high quality products. Our Products Range is like this. Locking Plate, Locking Screw, Bone Plate, Bone Screw, Intramedullary nail, Hip Prosthesis Implants, Wire and pin, Hip Screw, External Fixator, Rail Fixator, Ilizarov System, General Instruments, Orthopaedic Instruments Etc.

PFNA-2 Nail

PFNA-2 nail is Latest Version of PFN Nail. This nail is use for proximal femur trochanteric Fracture. Mostly Surgeon Use in 2 Variant Short PFNA-2 And Long PFNA-2 and Long PFNA-2 use in 2 type of fracture trochanteric fracture and Shaft Femur Fracture or Both Fracture. This is a best option for unstable Intratrochanteric Facture. And in this nail special part of his leg Screw it is helical blade screw to before locking it is pull the non union from the fracture and locked to each other and Most Important part in PFNA-2 distal Locking in PFNA-2 you can 2 type of locking static and dynamic lock according to Fracture.  This nail is perfect for Asian Patients body structure. PFNA and PFNA-2 both are intramedullary Nailing devices with 6 degrees of proximal bend. The helical blade Screw is compacts cancellous bone in Proximal femoral head when it is driven inside. This compaction improves femoral head strength and increases stability in cervico cephalic direction. Biomechanically, helical blade in PFNA2 has better cut-out resistance levels than screws. Which could be more effective than Regular PFN Nail.

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