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Orthopedic Implants Industry in India

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Orthopedic Implants Industry in India

In 1990's India was not capable to manufacture Implants and Surgical Equipments and was totally dependant on Import from countries like USA,China,Japan.But after revolution and Industrialisation most of the product are manufactured in india itself.India is not involved in orthopedic implants manufacturing but also exporting large number of products to countries.The Manpower cost is very less in india as compare to other country it leads to promote low cost manufacturing in india another reason also involves Availibilty of resources.India is largest producer of steel.


Make in India 

Globalization supports Import and Export easy.Indian made equipents,Implants and Machinary are less costly and are of better quality that is why India export rate is growing rapidly 12% every year for Orthopedic Implants.In last 15 year more than 100 New Industries are being emerging for production of these implants .This revolution is done after introducing Make in India project where Indian products are being promoted.New schemes and Rebate are being offered to the industries who manufacture products in india.



Who is the largest buyer of Orthopedic Implants from India ?

UAE, Kenya, Tanzania, Chile, Peru, Srilanka, Georgia, Paraguay, Dominian Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Morocco, Malaysia Iraq, Nigeria, Myanmar, Saudi  Arabia, Afganistan .These Countries are largest buyer of orthopedic implants from India.


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