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Why India is First choice for Medical Treatment ?

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Why India is First choice for Medical Treatment ?

India is emerging very rapdily in every sector like Health,industry,IT,Infrastructure and moving towards getting tag of Developed country.In last 15 years india has done tremendous work in Health industry .The growth in the medical segment is achievement for Indian people as well as people who are dependedent on India for their medial ease.In 2019 more than 6 lakh Medical Tourist Visa was issued for the patients coming from UAE, Kenya, Tanzania, Chile, Peru, Srilanka, Georgia, Paraguay, Dominian Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Morocco, Malaysia Iraq, Nigeria, Myanmar, Saudi  Arabia, Afganistan.


Reason for choosing India for medical treatment

In India most of the people visit for surgery like knee raplacement,Fractures and bone related issues.Operation and overall treatment in india is very less likely 1/10th of the price in USA.Not every person can afford such high paying treatment but in India hospitals charge much more lesser than that.The orthopedic implants are available at very lesser price in India that is also reason behind arrival of patients around the world.Medical treatment india


Indian Government also issues a Medical Tourist Visa which is very easy to get and the process is very easy that is also reason for people to come india they are being offerd Travel and tourism along with medical treatment.

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